In LION VS THE LITTLE PEOPLE Linda plays a high powered Hollywood Casting Director in this daring and controversial new movie directed by Raphael Warner. RELEASED ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS IN US & UK from DECEMBER 16th 2022.

A brand new feature film uncovers the shocking truth behind one of the craziest internet hoaxes of all time. Available across the US, UK on digital platforms (Amazon Prime, Apple etc). Raphael Warner's film tells the story of the 'greatest fight never seen,' and how a fabricated BBC 'news' article about a Lion killing 42 fighting dwarfs fooled the internet. View Trailer

Starring: Leigh Gill, George Appleby, Ben Goffe, Jimmy Vee, Paul Rider, Anthony Barclay, Nadia Albina , Mark Arnold, Ako Mitchell, Corey Johnson, Maggie Bain, Pippa Winslow, Jade Yourell & Linda Thorson
Produced and Directed by: Raphael Warner

Linda starred in THE BINGO SISTERS Written and Directed by Andrew Przybytkowski.


I played the role of SHERRY WILDE in HEARTLAND


Linda starred in THE VOWS WE KEEP a HALLMARK movie made in June 2021 - playing SIMONE. Currently showing on the Hallmark channel in the US.

I was thrilled to have been cast in the television production of THE HARDY BOYS, for HULU and DISNEY. I played Gloria, Frank & Joe's duplicitous grandmother.

Season 1 was released in 2021, Streaming on Hulu and on Netflix in Canada. Season 2 was released April 6th 2022, streaming on Hulu. Season 3 TO BE RELEASED ON DISNEY PLUS in the UK and NETFLIX in Canada in 2023.

Linda appeared in the 1950s period drama series based on Anais Nin's book LITTLE BIRDS - playing GLADYS SAVAGE, the very wealthy head of the Savage family in NY. Little Birds was released on SKY ATLANTIC TELEVISION in the UK.

A Farewell to Stuart Margolin

Linda wanted you all to receive her message about Stuart Margolin, her co-star in THE SECOND TIME AROUND

Stuart and I stayed in touch since making The Second Time Around in Toronto in 2015, and not long ago in late November 2022, after he'd been in hospital for a while, we had a lovely long phone chat exchanging thoughts on life, death, theatre and movies, and the Universe. He will go down in my personal history as my favourite leading man. He brought something out in me as an actor, made me dig deep to find how and why 'Isaac' and 'Katherine' would connect and ultimately fall in love in the movie. He never stopped creating, and loving the business, it was his life and he filled it with his huge talent and his big soul so brimming with compassion and care for all. I was profoundly lucky to work with him, and to get to know him as a dear friend. I have his photo on my mantle and there it will stay. I know how much his darling wife and family will miss him forever.

And in case some may not know this, he adored doing THE SECOND TIME AROUND and working with all of you including cast and crew and of course our writers Sherry and Leon, who we lost in 2019. And speaking of Leon, I'm pretty sure he and Stuart have met up, scored a joint or two and are blissfully rolling around heaven stoned as coots, all day.
Hope so.

In season 5 of the hit comedy SCHITT'S CREEK, shot in Toronto, I played Gloria Gregson, a soap opera diva.

My scenes were with the great actress, writer, & comedian CATHERINE O'HARA.

The show is created by EUGENE LEVY and his son DAN LEVY, who also plays his son on the show. Eugene and Catherine are the original stars of the huge Canadian hit SECOND CITY, the legendary improvisational comedy program.

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